The Caselaw Visualization Blog by João Marinotti (HLS, 2020) shares data visualizations about U.S. caselaw using CAP data.

Publication by Justin Simard, Stanford Law Review (January 2020).

Publication by Jonathan H. Choi, NYU Law Review (May 2020).

Article by D. Daniel Sokol, Sara Bensley, and Maia Crook (June 2020).

Michael Nelson and Steven Morgan at Pennsylvania State University summarize their research using CAP data.

Essay by Felix B. Chang, Erin McCabe, Zhaowei Ren, Joshua Beckelhimer, and James Lee (March 2020).

"This post is about a research paper (preprint) on sentence retrieval for statutory interpretation that we presented at the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law (ICAIL 2019) held in June at Montreal, Canada." - Jaromir Savelka, Huihui Xu, and Kevin D. Ashley

Abdul Abdulrahim at the University of Oxford shares his experience using CAP data to see what language can tell us about ideological changes surrounding reproductive rights between the U.S. Supreme Court and Congress over time.

"In this post, I present my experience working with the Caselaw Access Project’s publicly available Illinois dataset as evidence for a more optimistic narrative – namely that applying quantitative techniques to corpuses primarily associated with the qualitative disciplines can help us to uncover and relate stories which might otherwise go unnoticed." - John Bowers

In June 2019 we hosted the Caselaw Access Project Research Summit. Presentations by researchers have been made available in this playlist.