Research Results

"This post is about a research paper (preprint) on sentence retrieval for statutory interpretation that we presented at the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law (ICAIL 2019) held in June at Montreal, Canada." - Jaromir Savelka, Huihui Xu, and Kevin D. Ashley

Research paper by Jonathan H. Choi, NYU Law Review, May 2020 (Forthcoming).

Michael Nelson and Steven Morgan at Pennsylvania State University summarize their research using CAP data.

"In this post, I present my experience working with the Caselaw Access Project’s publically available Illinois dataset as evidence for a more optimistic narrative – namely that applying quantitative techniques to corpuses primarily associated with the qualitative disciplines can help us to uncover and relate stories which might otherwise go unnoticed." - John Bowers


Paul Gowder shares his work teaching data science to law students at the University of Iowa.

Fun Stuff

Generate rhymes using caselaw!

What's the color of caselaw?

See all instances of "!"


Graphics showcasing the most-used words in California caselaw each year between 1852 and 2015.


H2O uses the CAP API to provide free caselaw textbooks for anyone.

"This is a prototype interface designed for the Boston Desegregation Archive: Annotated Case Law and Digital Reference project, a collaboration between the Boston Research Center, University Libraries, and NuLawLab at Northeastern University."

Journal Citator tool by King Xia (HLS, 2020).

The Constitution Annotated by Library of Congress uses the CAP API by linking to cases in footnotes and annotations.

See all instances of "witchcraft" charted out on the U.S. map.


This tutorial reviews how to return all cases decided 100 years ago today with the CAP API.

This tutorial shows how to retrieve a case by citation using the Caselaw Access Project's case browser.

Learn how to get opinion authors from cases with the CAP API and CourtListener.

This tutorial shares how to create a data analysis workspace with Voyant and the CAP API.

Learn how to write case data from the Caselaw Access Project API to CSV.

See some ways of getting started with the data! Examples are written in Python.