This directory contains two ZIP files of images present in U.S. caselaw. These images were included in published court opinions. Please note, however, we have not independently viewed the images and cannot verify their suitability for any use.


Because the OCR process identified certain typographical section breaks (for instance, a row of asterisks) as images, we have divided the images into two sets by size, in a rough attempt to separate "real" and spurious images. There are 167,193 files smaller than 1k in size, and 97,659 equal to or greater than 1k. The smaller images are generally not of great interest, but because there are some false positives, and because the ZIP file is not large, we're presenting it here along with the larger, presumably real, images.

Note that the OCR process interpreted as images some portions of cases that we might consider text, like tabular data, forms, or equations.

Connecting images to cases

Image files contained in these ZIP files have names like 19086-caed4e822f5f5daaf34acc621bd33261.png; the numerals at the beginning of the filename, before the hyphen (here, 19086), are the case ID in the Caselaw Access Project API. That particular file's metadata can thus be seen at; the record, for Jackson Cushion Spring Co. v. D’Arcy, 181 F. 340 (1910), includes a frontend_url,, which links to a human-readable rendering of the case, including images.

Technical notes

We extracted the images themselves from an HTML representation of our raw case body data, then separated the files with

find case-images -type f -size -1k -exec cp -an {} case-images-small/ \;


find case-images -type f -not -size -1k -exec cp -an {} case-images-large/ \;