In a leap forward, the State of New Mexico decided to open up access to the quality primary legal information it produces. The expansive master database of annotated statutes, appellate court decisions, court procedural rules and forms, session laws and Attorney General’s opinions is available at No other state offers free access to a similar legal database, said Brenda Castello, executive director of the Compilation Commission.

“New technology allows the Compilation Commission to optimize publishing processes and realize operational savings, making free online access a reality,” said Castello.

“The public deserves easy access to the law and judges need the most current information when making decisions. With these changes, all lawyers and self-represented litigants will have the same unfettered access to the most up-to-date versions of New Mexico’s statutes and rules and will be able to download court-approved forms without charge,” Supreme Court Chief Justice Judith Nakamura said. “The Supreme Court strongly supports the Compilation Commission’s move to free and accessible online delivery of New Mexico’s statutes, rules and appellate court opinions and the Commission’s recognition of the need for printed materials.”

Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham said, “Equal access to the law is an unassailable right of every New Mexico citizen. I’m proud we will lead the country in the breadth and depth of free online access to laws and court opinions. As a practical matter, this change also represents a genuine cost-savings to our state agencies while providing them with the tools to better assist the public they serve.”

The New Mexico Compilation Commission self-publishes and updates all content available in NMOneSource 2.0 in real time using efficient, technology-assisted editorial workflows.

Do you work for a court considering a digital-first publishing project? For more information on New Mexico’s process, contact us to be introduced to New Mexico officials who can discuss their experience directly.