The Supreme Court of Canada judgments website was launched by Lexum in 1992, and was the very first legal website to be developed in Canada. At the time there were only three other websites in the country. It was also the world’s first bilingual legal website. At a time when accessing a decision online could cost several hundred dollars, Lexum designed a website that would offer access for free to the public. This site has been operating for over 25 years and, thanks to constant delivery of first-rate material, has become a highly trusted source of legal information across the country.

Over the years, the historical scope of the judgments database has been extended to include all judgments rendered since the Court creation in 1875, judgments in leave applications since 2006, as well as the Court’s bulletins, news releases. Recently, the Court started adding its bound volumes of official reports. The Court self-publishes all contents as soon as they become available.

The site has become the go-to place for all Supreme Court Content for the public, the media, publishers, academia and lawyers.

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